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In this slider below You can see some photos from Gala Ball in July 2017! Photos from balls before 2016 you can find on our main website.

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Najmenadzer Ceremony co-hosts Mr. Nikola Markovic at dinner
Mr. Djahid Muratbegovic with friends at Najmenadzer Ball
Everyone is singing at Najmenadzer Ball
Guests are waiting for Halid Beslic,the music star of the Najmenadzer Ball
All guests dance at Najmenadzer Ball
Mr. Halid Beslic at Najmenadzer Ball
Managers dance together at Najmenadzer Ball
Food is ready for best manager at Najmenadzer Ball
Our Jury and Najmenadzer board members at dinner, Ball of best managers
Mr. Ranko Jovovic and Mr. Roko Tolic dancing at Najmenadzer Ball
While the guests are having fun, waiters work at Najmenadzer Ball
Dancing women at Najmenadzer Ball

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