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Everything is ready for the 38th ceremony

Nandino Skrbic in front of hotel Holiday before Ceremony Najmenadzer 2017
The administrative board of the manifestation Best manager of Region in 2018 are still in sessions, although it's almost everything ready for the 38th election of the Manager. The last trips, interviews and arrangements with candidates for the best, as well as technical preparations are still in progress but the main preparations have been completed.

Of course, the last video recordings, interviews and trips are still waiting and all this will continue until the day of the Ceremony itself. The main team of the Organizational Committee is still on the journey, this time in Macedonia, and they need to make even more last minutes journeys to other countries.

As always, the manifestation itself will be divided into three parts:
  • 05/07/2017 10:00


    Hotel Holiday, Sarajevo, Conference of best managres

    Summit 100 or conference will be held at the Holiday Hotel, starting at 10.00. The summit will be attended by many prominent business, economy and politics names, including state leaders like President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic and Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.

    President Stjepan Mesic, Najmenadzer Conference

    President Stjepan Mesic at Conference Najmenadzer in 2017

  • 051/07/2018 18:00


    Najmenadzer Ceremony hall, Hotel Holiday, Sarajevo

    38. The ceremony will begin exactly at 6 PM at the Holiday Hotel! Between 275 applicants, the International Jury, headed by Mr. Vibor Mulic, decided to award 38 managers and companies: 15 Special awards for people who are not in direct business, but help business in all possible ways, and 23 awards for the best managers and companies of the Region.

  • 05/07/2018 20:00

    Manager’s Ball

    Pane Skrbic and Emir Hadzihafizbegovic at hotel Holiday, award ceremony Najmenadzer

    Ball of Managers is an integral part of the Ceremony and will be held immediately after the official program. It has become a tradition that, among other musicians, Halid Beslic is the main star of this party. Everybody loves him and because most managers come from neighboring countries, this is an unique opportunity for them to hear and see him live.

We hope that this Manifestation will be fully dedicated to the best in business, to the people who create conditions for better work, better life and better coexistence in these areas. These managers and companies, with their achievements and efforts, provide the opportunity for all of us to live better and more comfortable and we'll celebrate together these valuable people who are leading us to the future!

Welcome to the Ceremony, you are invited!

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