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Pane Skrbic: My impressions after the Ceremony ”Regional election of best managers in 2018”

All Laureates of Best manager award in 2018

All Laureates of Best manager award in 2018

Now, when all emotions after the 38th award ceremony and "Sarajevo International Economic Meetings", organized by the ”Independent European Agency Najmenadzer” from Sarajevo completely settled, I have many impressions that I will remember for a long time, and I am sure that is the case with all participants of this magnificent event.

First of all, I would like to thank to the Person of the Year, Ms. Boyko Borissov, the Prime Minister of Bulgaria and Mr Zoran Zaev, the Prime Minister of Macedonia, the winners of the award "Person of the Year" and also to the great regional music star Lepa Brena and to all the other laureates who came to Sarajevo to my invitation.
Prime Minister Boyko Borissov is Person of 2018
Prime Minister Zoran Zaev is European person in 2018

This year's ceremony was full of emotions

Regarding the Ceremonies of the best personality and regional politicians and managers of this Region, it was a great night, with about 500 visitors in the conference hall of the Holiday Hotel, but also very excited and full of emotions. It was touching to see tears in the eyes of many participants during the speech of some laureates after they received their awards. This was especially evident after the addressing the audience of the Prime Ministers of Macedonia, Mr Zoran Zaev, regional music star Lepa Brena and Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia, Ms Zorana Mihajlovic.

It was a little bit of sadness for some past times when friendship, love, understanding and fellowship prevailed in our Region, but also the conviction that we all and everyone in this Region could be friends and associates again.

Lepa Brena with a reason ”Person of this and the last century”

Also, I was personally impressed by the great music diva Lepa Brena, which captivates with its simplicity, appearance and goodness. I was also impressed by her outstanding professionalism, especially when you know that in this kind of work (and I have a lot of experience) you have to count on the fact that people know how to behave irresponsibly and even the biggest managers forget to announce something that is crucial for Ceremony. The main problem that we will never solve is the inability of any sort of rehearsal before the main Ceremony, because everyone arrives directly at the manifestation, so we’ll always count on the possibilities of improvisation.

Brena proved to be the greatest professional and thus showing that she is definitely right at the top of the pyramid of musical art of this Region. And our people sometimes do not understand that it is a big economic branch with huge economic potential, what is the fact known in the world for a long time. That is why we are pleased that we have included this type of business awards in the Ceremony and that she is the very first one to receive this recognition. We also took advantage of her hit ”Zar je vazno da l' se peva ili pjeva?” (”Is it important if I sing or sing”) as a motto of this Ceremony because our Agency chooses the best ones from the very beginning only on the basis of their achievements. She was also a "target for shooting and selfies" to everyone at the Ceremony, even the most famous people wanted to photograph with her, but she did not show a slight indignation, boredom, or impatience. Indeed, a real giant and a true champion of champions.
Leoa Brena with members of gard of honor at Najmenadzer ceremony
Lepa Brena and Ina Skrbic
Lepa Brena with fans
Lepa Brena with Nandino Skrbic
Lepa Brena with HE Ferguson
Lepa Brena with one of best managers in 2018
Lepa Brena sings at Najmenadzer Ball

Laureates showed that they like B&H

The Best Ambassador award deservedly went to the Ambassador of Great Britain, HE Edward Ferguson, who said he would soon leave B&H for a new duty, but that Bosnia and Herzegovina will always remain in his soul and heart.

Similarly, actor and director Mr Mima Karadzic, Austrian Ambassador Martin Pammer, who is leaving us soon, Mr Brent Sadler, President of the editorial board of N1 television from Luxembourg, as well as managers and owners of companies like: Mr Tomislav Celebic from Montenegro, Stjepan Safran from Croatia, Dragan Ciric from Serbia, Marko Drobnic from Slovenia and many others.

B&H has so much to offer to foreign investors

Since our politicians and even people from the Foreign Investment Council say that B&H has no conditions for foreign and domestic investments, Austrian Markus Strasser has severely denounced it and says:

"Anyone who says that there are no conditions for foreign investments in B&H, that is a bad environment for business - they simply do not tell the truth! I built a factory in Derventa 10 years ago, last year I was still very satisfied with the conditions in B&H, and I am thrilled with the Bosnian workers."

MIlutin Mima Karadzic, best actor
Stipe Mesic with Stjepan Safran
Pane Skrbic with Zoran Zaev at Najmenadzer 2018
Brent Sadler with award for N1-best TV in 2018
Participants of Najmenadzer conference 2018

Business forum was about tourism and IT technologies

It is also important to emphasize this year's business forum, which main topic was the initiation and development of tourism and IT technologies in the Southeast and Central Europe, as these activities have the highest chances of pulling B&H ahead in development. The fact that 6,000 workers are currently missing in the IT sector in B&H speaks for itself, and the situation is similar in other countries of the Region ...

Otherwise, the prestigious European award "European Top Manager" has received so far about 500 successful European managers and persons from its founding, of which 350 are managers in economy area, 15 are presidents of states and governments, 203 are ministers, 20 ambassadors and 26 mayors.

To conclude: this year's "Sarajevo Economic Meetings" are organized better than ever! That's what all the participants say. We are going on: from today we are starting preparations for the 39th award of the B&H managers - in Banja Luka.

Thanks to everyone who contribute to this project and help it to grow every year, especially the media, who have been following this event in large numbers. There were them from all over the Region, and the record for monitoring the Best Manager and Person of the Year came this year from Bulgaria: 24 journalists, TV and media from that country came to Sarajevo, just like it was in 2015 when their President Rosen Plevneliev was the Person of the Region.
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